NyARToolkit for C#.EN


NyARToolkitCS is C# version NyARToolkit library. It supports .Net Framework 2.0 and .Net Compact Framework 3.5 .

Input interface is Directshow. Output interfaces are  Managed Direct3D(PC) or Mobile Managed Direct3D(Windows Mobile).

NyARToolkit CS has only major components of NyARToolkit. It has not some experiment source codes.



  • Full managed code on .Net 2.0/.Net Compact framework 2.0.
  • DirectShowLib.NET library interface for input.(PC)
  • NyWMCapture interface for input(WindowsMobile)
  • Left hand coordinate system.
  • Performance, about half of Java version NyARToolkit.
  • Use for ClickOnce ,Silverlight SLARToolKit


NyARToolkit for C# is published at Github.


External library

NyARToolkitCS uses the next library.



NyARToolkitCS license comes in two flavors. LGPLv3 or Commercial Licence.


Sample Application

Application (for PC)

Application (for Mobile)



iLab Cookbook Ny AR Toolkit – Download and Installation/Recipes, How-To’s/Tutorials/Examples