NyARToolkit for processing.EN


NyARToolkit for proce55ing(NyAR4psg) is frontend of NyARToolkit for Java. This library can easily make the AR application.

This library requires Processing platform. Please download Processing here.


  • Image source – The library can accept PImage type object.There are camera, video, jpeg etc can be used.
  • Renderer – The library supports P3D and OPENGL renderer. NyAR4psg uses only processing core functions so it doesn’t depend on renderer platform.
  • Multi marker – The library supports some marker and some marker type(AR marker, NyIdMarker?) on same time.
  • Coordinate system – The library supports RIGHT-hand(ARToolKit? style) and LEFT-hand(processing style) coordinate system.
  • Coordinate system converter – The library can convert screen point to marker coordinate system.
  • Image pickup – The library can copy image from marker coordinate system.



NyARToolkit for processing source code files on Github.

External library

External library for NyARToolkit for processing.

CaptureDS – Directshow base capture library for Windows system by arc@dmz.

Picking -NyAR4psg NyAR4Psg can coexist with the Picking library.