This is copy of FLARToolkit page at spark project.
Some dead download link are repaired.

What is FLARToolKit

  • AS3 ported version of ARToolKit.
  • Actually, FLARToolKit is based on NyARToolkit, Java ported version of ARToolKit.
  • FLARToolKit recognize the marker from input image. and calculate its orientation and position in 3D world.
  • You should draw 3D graphics by your own.
  • But helper classes for major flash 3D engines (Papervision3D, Away3D, Alternativa3D ) are included.
  • Papervision3D is used in starter-kit.

The license

  • GPL – FLARToolKit is free to use for non-commercial applications under the GPL license. This means the complete source code for your application must be made available to anyone that asks for it. FLARToolKit is based on the ARToolKit library under the GPL license and so the source code for any FLARToolKit applications that are made needs to be GPL as well. For more information about the conditions of the GNU General Public License, version 3.
  • Commercial Licence – If you are interested in developing a commercial application or not releasing your FLARToolKit application source code then you should contact ARToolWorks (info@artoolworks.com) for a commercial license. In this case you will not have to make your source code available.

Download source code

Note that by downloading and using this source code you accept the license terms described below.

How to use

Import of FlashBuilder project of the FlashBuilder. Or, Open Main.fla file.


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