NyARToolkitCS/Unity 5.0.8

NyARToolkitCS/5.0.8 and  NyARToolkit for Unity/5.0.8 were been released.



NyARToolkiyCS can be developed VisualStadio2013  environment.

Download zip file from release page. It contains Solution and projects.


The sample project of NFT is a SimpleNFT. NFT target image is infinitycat.pdf.  it located in Data directory.

The program structure is similar with marker based program.
In case of NFT, use the NFT target data instead of MarkerData.


NyARToolkit for Unity

NyARToolkiy for Unity can be developed Unity 5.3   environment.UnityPackage can be download from release.


NFT sample is located in SimpleNFT directory. The target image(infinitycat.pdf) is located in Data directory.