MiMic[31319] alpha 1.0.0 リリース

MiMic 1.0.0が完成しました。


ファームウェアをインストールしたLPCXpresso1769 評価ボードをイーサネットケーブルでネットワークに接続することで、Webブラウザを通して、電子デバイスとMCUを制御することができます。



For English,please try the Google translator. check at right side bar.

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  1. Edoardo
    Edoardo at |

    Simply excellent, the web server worked at second try!
    What lacks is english documentation.
    Can you please translate japanese doc into english doc even by google translator just as beginning, otherwise using the resul of your work would be very difficult.

  2. Edoardo
    Edoardo at |

    Hi Natlya,
    do you have any suggestion how to exit temporary from your program with a click into web browser and then with return come back to your program ?

  3. Edoardo
    Edoardo at |

    1)Good point.
    A CALL that starts an external assembler program will solve the problem.
    I want to control the ethernet port.
    2) Let me understand : shall i have to write only MiMicIL source code?
    What about english translation of MiMicVM?
    What is MiMicDB , MiMicBC?
    Do you have examples?
    I understand that I can use Javascript or MiMicIL souce code, is it correct?

  4. Edoardo
    Edoardo at |

    Hi Nyatla.
    Thanks for you tutorial, I will give a look
    here is the translation I have done with google
    it needs to be controlled by you.
    Some times it is impossible to understand the meaning of translation.

  5. Edoardo
    Edoardo at |

    here is a translation of MMVM.pdf
    it needs to be controlled by you.
    Thank you for the tutorial

  6. Edoardo
    Edoardo at |

    I tryed 1.1.o.
    I obtained the response from LPCxpresso board,
    everything OK.

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